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Alcohol and drug abuse are major problems in society. The negative impact of these two problems are extensive and far reaching. Alcohol and drug abuse ruins lives and the lives of those around the abusers. Families are destroyed. Jobs are lost. People are killed or maimed by abusers in accidents or criminal activities. Life expectancy for alcohol and drug users is shortened. Mothers who abuse drugs or alcohol during pregnancy can impair their newborn�s health. The abuse of alcohol and drugs increases the risks of cardiovascular disease. The list is long.


The financial costs of alcoholism and drug abuse to society are enormous. Alcohol and drug treatment programs designed to help abusers are costly. The cost of reductions in productivity on the job are immeasurable, but amount to billions of dollars.

There Is Hope For Drug and Alcohol Abusers

The purpose of this blog is to provide help for alcohol and drug abusers and their friends and families. We will document the problem and the early warning signs of potential alcohol or drug problems to assist users and those close to them that a problem is developing.

Next, we will provide self-help guidance and some on-line support resources.
We will discuss the various drug and alcohol treatment program options that are available to help the user and his or her family evaluate which way to attack the addiction problem. However, it should be said that no treatment program will work unless the addict acknowledges that there is a serious drug or alcohol problem that needs to be addressed. So we will provide the danger signals that indicate a problem is developing.

We will provide examples of some specific drug and alcohol treatment or rehabilitation programs that have experienced success. And since most drug ans alcohol rehab programs are local, we will provide a network of contacts to enable the abuser to talk to someone who can help and contact local rehan centers for support.

For example, one of the best known alcohol treatment programs is Alcoholics Anonymous. Their famous 12-Step Program has been taken by other support and treatment programs because the 12-Step Program works.

There are community and faith-based rehab centers, inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, group therapy, and detox treatments at hospitals or clinics with drug and alcohol withdrawal facilities to start the addict on the road to recovery.


Alcohol and Drug addiction can be cured There are plenty of treatment programs, support groups, and self help resources. But the key ingredient to success is that the individual must want to lick his or her problem. Without that commitment all efforts will fail. This blog can help people solve their problems with alcohol an/or drugs.

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Drug Rehab

If the use has had negative consequences in the person’s health, relationships, or professional performance, there is a good chance they have a drug or alcohol problem that would benefit from rehab.

Alcohol Rehab

In these tough times, it is easy to fall prey to alcohol addiction. Cirque Lodge offers alcohol rehab in a private and exclusive drug rehab facility.

 Florida Drug Center

Since a Florida drug rehab center is a real-world brick-and-mortar “store” the owners may think it is hard or near impossible to make money online however there are many opportunities to increase a drug and alcohol rehabilitation
income from online sources.

Christian Drug Rehab Centers

Christian drug rehabilitation centers and programs are the ideal resource for any Christian who is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction. .

A Peaceful Drug Rehab Program : Chamber Brass

It offers its treatments in a peaceful environment and aims to make you alcohol and drug free. Their Drug Rehab Center is unique and the treatment differs from individual to individual.

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